Safe and Healthy Living


Inside the building, the health and safety of residents is an absolute priority, emphasized by the following comforts:


  • Extra-wide Hallways with handrails
  • 2 easily accessible elevators
  • Resident-controlled security entrance with cameras
  • Sprinkler system
  • 24/7 fire monitoring systems
  • Individually climate-controlled units
  • Fresh air to each Suite is provided continually by rooftop Air-Make-Up Units
  • Hallways are provided with rooftop fresh air to create positive air pressure

While the first purpose of ATP is to provide housing, it is equally important to build a harmonious community by Residents contributing in positive ways to maintain a mutually-supportive group.


A volunteer, Resident-elected Advisory Committee (RAC) acts as an advisory group to the Board of Directors by serving as a means of communication to advocate on behalf of, and share information among all ATP Residents. In an effort to support a congenial, community lifestyle, and to encourage Resident involvement, the RAC may take charge of organizing group, social activities which may be held in the Common Room and on the outdoor Terrace.


The Life Leaseholders have a voice in management of the residential portion of the property, via their input into The Residents’ Handbook which contains ATP’s Residential Policies & Procedures.

Convenient Common Fees


After purchase, a monthly payment covers each suite’s proportionate share of ongoing operating costs, as well as to build up a Reserve Fund to cover future major building repairs.  This covers expenses pertaining to the residential portions and common areas of ATP, such as property insurance, management and administration, maintenance, elevator licencing, fire safety monitoring, utilities, security and property taxes.


In addition to being responsible for the cleaning of the interior of their Suite, Residents are accountable for the costs of their own telephone, TV and Internet services, the maintenance of their appliances, as well as securing adequate Contents & Liability Insurance.