Market Value Life Lease


A ‘Market-Value Life Lease’ is an alternative form of home ownership.  Purchasing a long-term lease on a private residential unit, guarantees each Leaseholder the exclusive “Right-to-Occupy” that Suite, plus shared use of the property’s Common Areas and facilities.  Each purchaser signs a contract, called a Life Lease Agreement, which describes the relationship between the purchaser and the sponsoring organization.  When sold/transferred, any increase in investment and equity value in the Suite, after expenses, belongs to the seller.


View and Download the Life Lease Housing Resource Guide.

PROJECT SPONSOR – “GOLDEN COMMUNITY BUILDERS INC. (GCBI) is a duly-registered, Ontario not-for-profit corporation overseen by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors accountable to its Membership, with a commitment to provide housing primarily to mature persons (age 50+), on a not-for-profit basis.


Through compulsory GCBI Membership at the time of a Life Lease purchase, there is opportunity to attend and vote at Corporation and Membership Meetings, to help select Board Members, and to review annual financial statements.